Y, cr, cb

EN: Y, r-y, b-y


Terminology to describe the luminance (Y) and color difference signals (R-Y) and (B-Y) of component video. Y is luminance information and the R-Y and B-Y signals together provide the color information. These signals, derived from the original RGB source, are used in most video systems as a bandwidth reduction technique.
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Y, cr, cb

As defined in ITU-R BT.601, digital luminance and color difference signal coding. Y is the luminance signal sampled at l3.5 MHz. Cr is the digitized version of the analog component (R-Y). Cb is the digitized version of (B-Y). The two color difference signals are sampled at 6.75 MHz. In the HD SMPTE 274M standard, sampling rates are 5.5 times greater.

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