Wireless access point

EN: Wireless speedlight commander


Nikon s compact, portable wireless commander uses Infrared communication to communicate with select Nikon Speedlights, to control an unlimited number of Speedlights in three groups. The SU-800 offers the use of four independent channels of communication for use in areas where multiple photographers/set-ups may be in use.
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Wireless access point

Wireless Access Point or WAP is a device that lets a wireless device or devices connect to a wired network using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. A WAP will usually connect to a router via a wired network. Most WAPs use IEEE 802.11 standards. A hotspot is a common public use of a Wireless Access Point. .

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Wireless e-ttl

With one master Speedlite flash unit or transmitter mounted on camera, emits series of flash signals before exposure, communicating with and controling slave (remote) units.

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Wireless file transmitter

Device which connects to camera to allow transfer of images or recorded video clips to computer without using cables (although that is an option), to any location accessible via internet or internal network.

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Wireless image transfer

Select COOLPIX digital cameras have built-in communication functionality that allows for the transmission of still images and movies over wireless LAN networks.

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Wireless lan

A Wireless LAN is a wireless local area network, which links two or more devices wirelessly. In addition, you can most often also connect to the internet beyond the local network. Most Wireless LANs are based on the IEEE 802.11 standards (Wi-Fi). .

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Wireless mobile utility app. (

The Wireless Mobile Utility App. (WMU) is a smartphone and tablet app. that allows you to connect a compatible Nikon DSLR, Nikon 1 or COOLPIX camera (using a Wireless Mobile Adapter (WU-1a or WU-1b) or built-in Wi-Fi® connectivity) to a compatible smartphone or tablet. The App. must be installed on the smart device before it can be used with the camera. Using the app., you can download images from the camera to the smart device as well as use the smart device to remotely trigger the shutter on the camera. The WMU works with iOS and Android™-powered smart devices. .

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