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A measurement of power or the rate at which electrons move along a wire. Tip: Different types and makes of fixtures using the same wattage lamps when tested at the same distance will have considerable variations in light output. Performance charts may be helpful; an Incident Light Meter definitely will be. Watt/seconds, W/s, Joule, J (flash) The electrical current stored within the capacitors of electronic flash units, only part of which reaches the flash tube and none of which can be compared with the real or claimed watt/second ratings of other units. Joule is the British equivalent. Flash maven Jon Falk suggests that skepticism and flash meters are in order.
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Unitate de masura a puterii unui consumator electric. Este produsul dintre tensiune (V) si amperaj (A). Pentru sursele de lumina, wattajul nu este o masura a luminii emise, deoarece, de exemplu, becurile cu incandescenta produc mai putina lumina vizibila decat cele cu fluorescenta. .

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