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The Unicode encoding maps font characters to integer numbers from 32 to 65536. For example, the capital letter A has numeric code 65. The English Pound currency symbol has numeric code 8356. In theory, a font can contain up to sixty five thousands of different characters. The whole Unicode range (from 32 to 65536) is logically divided into shorter ranges of character codes. For example, Currency Symbols have numeric codes from 8352 to 8399, Greek and Coptic symbols have codes from 880 to 1023, Cyrillic characters have codes from 1024 to 1279.
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A character set/encoding which tries to contain all the characters currently used in the world, and many historical ones as well. See the Unicode consortium. BMP -- Basic Multilingual Plane (0x00000-0x0FFFF) SMP -- Supplementary Multilingual Plane (0x10000-0x1FFFF) SIP -- Supplementary Ideographic Plane (0x20000-0x2FFFF) SSP -- Supplementary Special-purpose Plane (0xE0000-0xEFFFF) More info. .

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