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Each truetype font contains a collection of tables each of which contains a certain kind of information. See here for the tables used by FontForge.
Font Forge Glossary




A scalable type technology which, along with OpenType, is built into both Windows and Mac OS.

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An outline font format developed by Apple Computer (for use with System 7) and adopted by Microsoft Corporation (for use with versions of the Windows graphical user interface). These fonts can be used for both the screen display and printing, thereby eliminating the need to have two font files for each typeface.

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Truetype (fonts)

A vector font format, originally developed by Apple, later released to Microsoft, therefore supported on most operating systems.

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Truetype (tt/ttf)

A font format developed by Apple Systems, Inc. and licensed to Microsoft Corp. TrueType fonts are natively supported by the Windows and Mac operating Systems. On the Mac, both the printer and screen fonts are combined in a single TrueType font suitcase file.

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