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Information storage layer built into Advanced Photo System film that enables enhancedinformation exchange capabilities, improving print quality by capturing lightingand scene information and other picture-taking data; basis for future informationexchange features.
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Transparent bodies

Objects that permit rays of light to pass through them.

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Transparent magnetic layer

Thin layer of magnetic particles coating the surface of APS (Advanced Photo System) film that records information such as the picture size selected by the photographer and processing data. IX (Information Exchange) technology allows photofinishing equipment to read these instructions on the film and make processing and printing adjustments for the best results from different lighting and exposure conditions.

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An object or material that transmits both light and undiffused images. Tip: Try lighting a plain back-ground directly behind the object, not the object.

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Proprietate fizica a unei substante sau material (mediu optic) de a permite trecerea luminii in mod ordonat. La traversarea interfetei dintre mediul din care vine si mediul in care intra, razele luminoase paralele pot suferi refractii, dar raman in continuare, paralele, daca interfata este plana. In functie de compozitia chimica, un mediu optic poate fi transparent pentru toate lungimile de unda (lumina transmisa ramane alba) sau poate fi colorat (transmite predominent o anumita culoare si absoarbe alte lungimi de unda). Mediile optice transparente incolore se folosesc pentru constructia obiectivelor iar cele colorate pentru filtre. .

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