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Super panavision

Similar to Panavision 35, but photographed flat in 65 mm. The 70 mm prints produce and aspect ratio of 2.25:1 with 4-channel sound and a ratio of 2:1 with 6-channel sound.

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Super spectra coating or sst

Canon s multi-layer coating applied to most of its FD lenses.

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Super zoom lens

Also known as a Hyperzoom lens. A lens with a very wide range of focal lengths.

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Super 16

This format offers a much greater picture area than that of standard 16mm and provides a wider 1.66:1 aspect as compared to the 1.33:1 television aspect ratio.

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Super 16

A format using single perf 16mm film on which a wider image is exposed than is the case with regular 16mm, using the area that would normally have the soundtrack. Super 16mm was conceived specifically for blow up to 35mm, and is typically rather inconvenient for anything else.

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Super 35

35 mm camera format that utilizes entire frame area on film.

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Super 8 mm

Formerly an amateur format, now a popular choice for special effects and teaching.

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Super ed glass

Super ED glass is a development of Nikon’s proprietary ED glass technology. Nikon optical designers developed Super ED glass to have optical properties resembling that of fluorite. Super ED glass exhibits an even lower refractive index and lower light dispersion than ED glass, while excelling at eliminating secondary spectrum and correcting chromatic aberration. Lenses that use Super ED glass deliver outstanding optical performance even under harsh shooting conditions, producing unparalleled sharpness and contrast though out the aperture range including usage at faster apertures. .

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Super integrated coating

Nikon Super Integrated Coating is Nikon s term for its multilayer coating of the optical elements in NIKKOR lenses. .

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Super precision matte (focus s

Interchangeable focusing screen optimized for wide-aperture lenses (f/1.8 to f/2.8) and manual focusing, especially in dim light. Areas slightly out of focus appear more out of focus with this screen, so it s easier totell when correct focus is attained.

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Super spectra

Tip de tratament multistrat antireflex aplicat de Canon pe obiectivele EF. .

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Super spectra coating

All EF lenses are coated in accordance with Canons own standards, which are even more strict than the CCI tolerances set by the ISO (International Standards Organization), and the variety of single and multilayer coatings used are selected to optimally match the refraction of the lens to which it is being applied. Named Super Spectra coating by Canon, this process features a high permeation rate, ultraviolet ray filtering, highly durable surface hardness and features and stable characteristics. The superior imaging characteristics realized by these exacting coating procedures includes sharp, vivid images with high contrast, uniform color balance throughout the EF lens lineup, and true color reproduction that does not change over years of use.

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Super speed

Just a fancy way for Zeiss to describe a fast prime lens, typically with a T-stop of 1.3.

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Super ud lenses

The high cost of synthetic fluorite crystal production makes fluorite lenses extremely expensive. One answer was found in the latter half of the 1970s with the appearance of UD (ultra low dispersion) glass that could provide characteristics similar to fluorite but at a lower cost. While the indexes of refraction and dispersion of UD glass do not equal that of fluorite, they are significantly lower than those of other types of optical glass. Moreover, UD glass does display partial dispersion characteristics similar to fluorite. The selection of the proper lens element combination in consideration of the intended focal length and other factors can provide close to the same effect as fluorite, (two UD lens elements are equivalent to one fluorite element). Another breakthrough was made in 1993 when Super UD glass was introduced as a new material that achieves almost the same performance as fluorite while achieving a new balance of greater cost reduction and even higher quality.

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Super uniform fine grain

Developed by Fujifilm for their Nexia APS films. The formulated grain structure is about one-half the size of conventional films and ensures consistent shape for exceptionally smooth, fine-grained prints. .

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Super vivid or vivid special e

This special effect increases the overall saturation and contrast for a more vibrant image. Some Nikon digital cameras feature a Vivid effect while others offer a Super Vivid effect.

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