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EN: Still life photography


exemplified by Pepper #30 (1930, Silver Print, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) by Edward Weston(1886-1958). See also: Still Life Painting.
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Still -

A photograph taken with a still (versus motion) camera.

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Still image mode

This shooting mode is used to capture still digital images. .

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Still life painting

One of the major genres of Western art, it describes a type of painting featuring inanimate everyday objects. There are four types: (1) flower pieces, (2) breakfast or banquet pieces, (3) animal pieces, (4) Symbolic Still Lifes.

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Still photographer

AKA: Stills PhotographerA person who photographs the action (often alongside the camera) to be used in publicizing the movie.

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Still life

A representation of inanimate objects, as a painting of a bowl of fruit.

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Still life

Used to describe a method of studio or outdoor photography where objects are pre-arranged to be photographed. .

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Still video

A camera made by the likes of Canon and Sony that recorded electronic pictures onto an internal floppy disk. It was, if you like, the first type of digital camera, but quality was poor. .

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