EN: Stereo camera

Fotografie digitala si IT

Another specialist interest camera that takes two pictures side by side and when viewed using special stereo viewer the image appears three-dimensional. Other types record two pictures using different coloured filters which are then printed offset and viewed using coloured glasses to see a 3D image.




The reproduction of sound, using two or more audio channels. Stereo sounds are heard as if they are coming from more than one direction. .

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Stereo microphone

A microphone that captures audio in stereo (two or more channels).

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Stereo window and screen plane

Stereo window is physical display surface, e.g. HD TV screen. In stereoscopic scene, objects at Screen Plane are at window -- point of convergence -- not behind window or in front of window. When converge on object -- angling cameras towards object, shifting two images in post production -- object appears to sit on the screen plane.

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