Split lighting

EN: Split screen


see Matte Shot. Typically a split screen is a matte shot divided down the center of the shot.
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Split lighting

In a studio, the main light is placed so that it completely illuminates one side of the face while leaving the other side in shadow. It s a true lighting split - half light, half-dark.

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Split neutral density filter

Another name for a Gradated neutral density filter.

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Split lighting

Split Lighting is a portrait lighting technique in which only half of the face is illuminated. It is a dramatic lighting style, used to thin the subject s face.

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Split reel

A very handy reel, the two halves of which may be unscrewed and film on a core placed between. Once screwed back together (but not too tight, or it will never open) your film on a core has quickly been converted into film on a reel.

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Split screen

Split screen is the combination of two or more scenes films separately which appear in the same frame.

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