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Capital letters that are the same (or nearly the same) height as the tvpeface s x-height. Some software programs automatically create their own small caps, but true small caps (with correct proportions and weight) are usually only found in expert typefaces.
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Small format sensor

A digital camera s sensor that is physically smaller than a 35mm film frame. Because most digital cameras have a small-format sensor, standard lenses designed for 35mm film cameras (and for full-size sensors) appear to function like longer lenses. See Using 35mm SLR lenses on dSLR camera bodies for detailed information.

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Small caps (sc)

Small caps are capital letters that are approximately as high as the x-height of the lowercase letters. When properly designed small caps are absent in the selected font, many applications can create small caps by scaling down the capitals. However this makes these fake small caps too light and narrow, and they don’t harmonize properly with the lowercase. Originally small caps were only available for the roman text weight(s), but nowadays many type families also have them for the italic styles and the bolder weights. When small caps are built-in as OpenType features, certain (older) operating systems and applications will not be able to access them.

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Small cap:

The use of all capital letters in place of lowercase letters, where the height of each letter is no taller than the character set’s x-height.

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