Single lens reflex

EN: Single system


ingle System refers to recording, editing or projecting sound and picture together on the same piece of film. Cameras used for tv news would record the sound on a magnetic stripe as well as photograph the picture. Also super-8 sound. Single system has some distinct editorial disadvantages, hence the more common use of Double System for shooting and editing.
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Single lens reflex

(SLR) A camera with one lens only for both viewing and picture-taking. The image is reflected onto a viewing screen by a moveable mirror in the camera. The mirror flips out of the way just before the shutter opens, permitting light to strike the film or digital camera s image sensor. It allows you as the photographer to capture exactly what you see in terms of focus and composition.

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Single perf

16mm film with a row of perforations along one edge. On the film can this will be indicated by 1R appearing on the label.

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Single point af

Single Point AF is one of three Nikon AF Area Modes. With good light control and a static subject, Single Point AF ensures that the most important element in the composition, such as the eyes in a portrait, will be sharply focused.

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Single reel

In 35mm a reel is 1,000 feet of film (or usually a little less).

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Single servo af

AF-S is an autofocus mode in which autofocus operation stops when the subject comes into focus. Useful for shooting stationary subjects. AF-S is one of the focus modes that are availalble on select cameras when in Live View.

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Single servo af (nikon s term)

Once the subject isin focus, focus is locked. Useful for recomposing the picture.

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