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In terms of camera distance with respect to the object within the shot, there are basically 7 types of shots: extreme close-up | close-up | medium close-up | medium shot | medium long shot | long shot | extreme long shot or distance shot | In addition, the terms one-, two-, and three-shots are used to describe shots framing one, two, or three people - usually in: medium close-ups or | medium shots |
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1.) The image produced by a motion picture camera from the time it begins shooting until the time is stops shooting 2.) (in an edited film) the uninterrupted record of time and space depicted between editorial transitions.

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A continuous block of unedited footage from a single point of view. See also scene, take, frame rate.

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A shot is the film exposed from the time the camera is started to the time it is stopped. Shot and Scene are interchangeable terms.

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Shot composition

The arrangement of key elements within the frame. See also shot selection.

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Shot selection

AKA: Camera AngleThe location of the camera, and what can be seen with it. See also shot composition, POV, mise-en-scene.

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Shot list

A list given to the film production crew which indicates the sequence of scenes being shot for the day. This list may include the scene number, the location of where the scene is being shot, a description of the scene, the length of a scene (listed by number of pages from the script), a list of actors who will be involved in the scene, and, special notes to all departments of what will be needed or required for a particular scene being shot.

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