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The ratio between how much film was shot versus how much was used in the final version on the film; also the amount of film purchased to shoot the film, versus the amount of film that remains in the completed print.
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Shooting distance

The distance from the camera to the subject.

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Ratio The ratio in a finished film of the amount of film shot to the length of the final footage. Shot A single uninterrupted action of a camera as seen by a viewer (see Take). Shots are labeled according to the apparent distance of the subject from the camera: extreme long-shot (ELS) also called an establishing shot; long-shot (LS); medium long-shot (MLS); medium or mid-shot (MS); medium close-up (MCU); close-up (CU); and extreme close-up (ECU). Although distinctions among shots must be defined in terms of the subject, the human body furnishes the usual standard of definition: ELS, a person is visible but setting dominates; LS, person fills vertical line of the frame; MLS, knees to head; MS, waist up; MCU, shoulders up; CU, head only; ECU, an eye.

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Shooting menu banks

Shooting menu options are stored in one of four banks. With the exceptions of Extended menu banks, Interval timer shooting, Multiple exposure, Time-lapse photography, and modifications to Picture Controls (quick adjust and other manual adjustments), changes to settings in one bank have no effect on the others. To store a particular combination of frequently-used settings, select one of the four banks and set the camera to these settings. The new settings will be stored in the bank even when the camera is turned off, and will be restored the next time the bank is selected. Different combinations of settings can be stored in the other banks, allowing the user to switch instantly from one combination to another by selecting the appropriate bank from the bank menu. The default names for the four shooting menu banks are A, B, C, and D.

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Shooting modes

Cameras offer different ways to capture images, with varying degrees of automation or programming, to match photographer s needs under wide variety of conditions, e.g. operating modes such as Auto, Program, Aperture-priority, Shutter-priority, Manual, Portrait, Landscape, Night Scene, etc.

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Shooting ratio

The ratio of how much film shot compared to running time of the finished film. For instance a 5 minute film for which you shot 30 minutes of footage would have a shooting ratio of 6 to 1.

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Shooting script

The script from which a movie is made. Usually contains numbered scenes and technical notes. See also lined script.

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Shooting distance (camera dist

The distance from the film plane (focal plane) to the subject. The position of the film plane is indicated on the top of most cameras by a special symbol like the one below.

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