Roll film

EN: Roll film


A length of light sensitive film rolled on a spool usually with a backing paper and able to be loaded into a camera in daylight. Cellulose nitrate roll film was commercially introduced in 1889, daylight loading film cartridges in 1891 and paperbacked film, which remains in production today, in 1892. A large number of roll film formats and lengths have appeared since 1889 with the most common being 120, 620 and 127 sizes. The safer film base cellulose acetate was increasingly used from 1934; in the late 1940s, cellulose triacetate was introduced, and in the 1980s polyester bases became the norm.
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Roll film

Film with a lightproof paper backing that is wound onto a spool, such as 120 film for medium format cameras.

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Roll film

Film with a light proof backing that is rolled on a spool and contains a strip of film to allow more than one exposure.

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Roll number

This is the two-digit number that is assigned by the film manufacturer to each 6,000 ft roll.

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Roll paper

Cylinder of continuous length of paper, available in various widths, diameters, surfaces.

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