Remote capture

EN: Remote trigger or digital cabl


a device that allows the camera to be fired without pressing the button or touching the camera. Helps eliminate movement of the camera during long exposures.
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Remote capture

The ability to trip the camera shutter from a distance using a cable release or wireless transmitter / transceiver.

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Remote head surveillance camer

CCD chip is separated from camera body by cable, making overall camera size considerably smaller. For surveillance situations where space is limited.

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Remote monitoring

User is off site yet can still survey site via surveillance camera feeds displayed on monitor. Data transfer from camera to user can be by Internet or Ethernet, using IP cameras.

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Remote mouse and keyboard cont

Operates in computer presentations without requiring direct access to projector, for freedom of movement.

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Remote control (projector)

A control panel that is either connected via a cable or using infrared. A simple one allows the slides to be changed forwards or backwards and the focus to be controlled. More advanced ones have built-in light pointers and slide preview window. .

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Remote flash trigger

a device used to fire speedlights off camera. Pocket Wizard is a popular brand.

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