EN: Release print


This is a print made after the answer print has been approved. It is not retimed, but struck using the same timing as the final answer print. Because it is not retimed it is generally much cheaper than an answer print. On a big production, these are the prints released to movie theaters, hence the name.
The Pollio Folio - Glossary of Cinematography Terms




Refers to a Model Release - a contract in which a model consents to the use of his or her images by the photographer or a third party.

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AKA: ReleasedWhen a movie is shipped to exhibitors by the distributor, it is deemed to have been released for public viewing - there are no longer any studio restrictions on who can see the movie.

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Release negative

Duplicate negative or color reversal intermediate from which release prints are made.

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Release print

In a motion picture processing laboratory, any of numerous duplicate prints of a subject made for general theatre distribution.

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