Relative aperture.

EN: Relative brightness

Fotografie digitala si IT

Indicates how good binoculars are in low light. To find this divide the objective lens by the magnification and square the result. A 10x40 has a relative brightness of 16 (40/10= 4, 4x4=16). A higher number means the binoculars will be better in low light situations.



Relative colorimetric

Used to simulate final output on monitor to get good match across color devices, maintains near exact relationship between in-gamut colors, may clip out-of-gamut colors. To get dependable proof on colors the output device can handle. Hue and lightness maintained at cost of reduced saturation.

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Relative illumination

Illumination around the periphery of the image field. Used as a comparison of the brightness between the center and the periphery. .

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Relative aperture.

Numerical expression of effective aperture, also known as f-number. Obtained by dividingfocal length by diameter of effective aperture.

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