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The data giving for each wavelength the ratio between the reflected light and the incident light
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Reflection differs from reflection in that it is a phenomenon which causes a portion of the light striking the surface of glass or other medium to break off and propagate in an entirely new direction. The direction of propagation is the same regardless of wavelength. When light enters and leaves a lens which does not have an anti-reflection coating, approximately 5% of the light is reflected at the glass-air boundary. The amount of light direction of propagation. The two elements of a light wave which can actually be detected by the human eye are the wavelength and amplitude. Differences in wavelength are sensed as differences in color (within the visible light range) and differences in amplitude are sensed as differences in brightness (light intensity). The third element which cannot be detected by the human eye is the direction of vibration within the plane perpendicular to the light waves direction of propagation.

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