Rear curtain sync slow

EN: Rear shutter curtain sync


by default most cameras are set to front curtain sync which means that if the flash fires, it does so at the beginning of the exposure time. By setting to rear shutter curtain sync it fires the flash at the end of the exposure time. The difference in some cases me be negligible, but in shooting a moving subject front sync will put any motion blur in front of the subject, where as rear sync will place the blur behind the subject. Neither is wrong, just preference.
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Rear curtain sync slow

Rear Curtain Sync Slow is a flash mode that is supported in select Nikon cameras, that allows you to capture both the subject and background in programmed auto and aperture-priority auto shooting modes. Use of a tripod is suggested, to prevent blurring caused by camera shake. .

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Rear curtain sync:

A camera mode where the strobe fires right before the shutter closes. This mode can be specially set on most DSLRs. When used with slow shutter speed, this mode will give the effect of a motion trail behind the subject.

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Rear focus

Refers to the focused area behind the picture s subject.

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Rear focusing system

A system in which only the rear lens group moves during focusing, thus eliminating changes in the physical length of the lens during focusing and enabling faster focusing. Such lenses are designated with RF on the lens barrel.

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Rear projection

Projector is behind screen but shows image on screen s front by projecting through translucent screen. Optional projection method for both confined and large spaces.

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Rear projection

Rear projection involves the projection of either a still or a moving picture onto the back of a translucent screen.

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Rear focusing

Focusing is accomplished by moving one or more lens elements positioned internally, behind the lens diaphragm assembly. By moving internal elements, less weight is required to be moved, so focusing can be faster and more responsive. Furthermore, the front of the lens does not move during focusing ideal for photographers who use filters.

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