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Spacing for type in which characters are not all the same width (i.e., an i would take less space than an m).
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Characters designed to respect their normal proportions. Wide characters will occupy more horizontal space than narrow characters. See also Monospaced.

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Proportional figures

Proportional figures are different from tabular figures in their total character width. They are spaced to fit together more like letters. For instance, as the figure 1 is very narrow it takes up less width than the number 6. Because their spacingappears more even, these figures are best in texts and headings where columnar alignment is not necessary. They cannot be used to set tabular matter. Proportional figures can be lining or oldstyle. When the different figure sets are built-in as OpenType features, certain (older) operating systems and applications will only be able to access the default figures, most often the tabular lining figures. See Figuring Out Numerals on The FontFeed.

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