EN: Printer font

Fotografie digitala si IT

A font (i.e., Helvetica or Times) that can be down loaded to the printer, onto a hard disk or in ROM, that then resides in the printer.
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A computer peripheral that’s used to output prints from digital images or data files. Most inexpensive printers are inkjet models that squirt out tiny jets of ink onto paper to make up the photograph. More expensive models tend to be either laser printer or dye-sublimation printers. .

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Device connected to computer for reproducing text, graphics, images, typically using ink on paper.

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Printer emulation

Enables printer to act like another one, so first can recognize and print documents formatted for second.

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Printer server

Computer dedicated to supporting network printer, its system RAM and hard drive store print jobs in queue, with print jobs reordered, paused, deleted as needed via server keyboard.

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Printer font

The vector font that a printer uses to draw character shapes. Printer fonts (sometimes called “outline fonts”) are also used by the operating system to draw letters on the screen.

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