EN: Post-production


Operations conducted after shooting to complete project. Classically: editing, sound/visual effects, dubbing, etc., in movie production, whether film or video.
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The work done on a film once photography has been completed, such as editing, developing and printing, looping, etc.

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AKA: Postproduction, PostWork performed on a movie after the end of principal photography. Usually involves editing and visual effects. See also production.

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Post-production co-ordinator

A person who works many facets of the post-production process, including ensuring the smooth operation of the editorial department, coordinating the production and delivery of final delivery elements, scheduling and coordinating ADR sessions, managing the administration of the department including post-production accounting and final delivery paperwork, organizing final post-production related documents, and coordinating the final wrap and proper storage of final video and audio masters and offline editorial materials.

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Post-production supervisor

AKA: Production supervisorA person overseeing the entire post-production of a project. They report directly to the producer and/or the studio in charge of the feature. Working side by side with the director and editor, the supervisor has the responsibility of finishing the film on time and on budget while satisfying the wants of the director. Post-production supervisors have authority over post-production co-ordinators. Typical duties include: Controlling all activities with vendors such as optical houses, sound facilities, inserts, ADR, reshooting, CGI, score, delivery requirements to domestic and international distributors, legal clearances, preview screenings, color timing, video mastering and budgeting the movie through the completion and delivery.

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