Polarizing filter

EN: Polarizing filter


Filter that enables the photographer to darken blue skies and cut out unwanted reflections.
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Polarizing filter

A polarizing filter ( Polarizer or Polarizing screen ) is an adjustable filter, with an inner ring that screws onto the lens and an outer ring that can be rotated. Turning the outer ring reduces or increases the filter’s effectiveness. The polarizer absorbs glare, reducing or eliminating reflections and darkening blue skies. It works by transmitting light that travels in one plane while absorbing light that travels in opposing planes.

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Polarizing filter:

A filter that transmits light waves vibrating in one direction, used to deepen blue sky with color film, tame contrast in very bright scenes, and to ``see through reflective surfaces, such as water and glass.

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Polarizing filter (camera)

Polarizing camera filters can be set to reduce most non-metallic Glare as well as to darken blue skies. Most effective angle: 90 degrees to the source. Light loss: a little over 2 stops.

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Polarizing filter (fixture)

Polarizing gels can cut Glare, but will be damaged if used too close to high-wattage tungsten lamps. Light loss: a little over 2 stops.

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Polarizing filter/polarizer

Usually indicates a linear or circular polarizing filter, which eliminates various degrees of reflected light from glass, water, plastic, paper and similar surfaces. Nikon makes circular polarizing filters.

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Polarizing glasses

Use circular or linear polarizers with active shutter to flicker left, right images on/off at 120Hz. Left-eye and right-eye images in 3D signal have been polarized differently, filters in glasses direct correct image to each eye by blocking one polarized source, allowing other to pass through.

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Polarizing filter

See Polarising filter. .

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Polarizing screen filter

A filter that transmits light traveling in one plane while absorbing light traveling in other planes. When placed on a camera lens or on light sources, it can eliminate undesirable reflections from a subject such as water, glass, or other objects with shiny surfaces. This filter also darkens blue sky.

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