Polarising filter

EN: Polarising filter

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A filter with a grey appearance that (partially) blocks polarised light. It s used in front of the lens to reduce glare and enrich colours. There are linear and circular polarising filters. Circular polarising filters work best with autofocusing systems. These filters rotate in their mount, by which method the photographer controls the amount of polarised light that reaches the film or sensor. Keep in mind that a polarising filter only works when used at an angle to the light. When shooting landscapes, for instance, try to shoot at an angle of about 90 degrees to the sun.



Polarising screen (filter)

A filter that transmits light travelling in one plane whileabsorbing light travelling in other planes. When placed on a camera lens or on lightsources, it can eliminate undesirable reflections from a subject such as water, glass,or other objects with shiny surfaces. This filter also darkens blue sky.

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