EN: Picture angle


The angle of coverage of a lens usually measured across thediagonal of the picture frame; varies with focal length: the longer the focal length,the narrower the picture angle; the shorter the focal length, the wider the pictureangle. Telephoto ratioIs derived by dividing the distance from the front vertex of a lense to the frontvertex by the focal length., The smaller the telephoto ratio, the smaller thetotal length of the lens
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Picture card

A removable device for storing images taken by a digital camera, more often referred to as a Memory card. .

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The workprint, to distinguish it from the mag tracks.

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Picture angle

Refers to the amount of a scene that will be in the photo. It is determined by the focal length of the lens and the format of the camera and is usually measured across the diagonal of the frame. Also called angle of view.

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Picture car

A vehicle shown in a movie.

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Picture controls

Nikon s Picture Controls is a system of in-camera and post-production settings that can be adjusted using a number of parameters that let you personalize your digital images to your individual photographic taste. The Picture Control options are: Standard, Neutral, Vivid, Monochrome, Portrait and Landscape. You can further adjust the hue, sharpening, contrast, brightness and saturation. .

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Picture plane

The virtual, illusionary plane created by the artist, parallel to the physical surface of a two-dimensional work of art; the physical surface of a two-dimensional work of art, e.g. a painting, drawing, or print.

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Picture play

Picture Play is one of the options available under Have fun with pictures which is found in the Playback menu of such COOLPIX cameras as the S31. Picture Play lets you edit images using a number of effects including soften pictures, add starbursts, fisheye effect, diorama effect, toy camera, change colors, highlight colors, and decorate. Edited images are saved as copies. .

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Picture style

Like selecting best film for subject or desired look, creates digital data fine-tuned for certain characteristics. EOS digital cameras with Picture Styles use Standard setting as factory default, with five other options (Portrait, Landscape, Neutral, Faithful, Monochrome), plus user-defined Picture Styles available in some models allow customization. Within each style, users can further adjust contrast, in-camera sharpening level, color saturation, color tone (hue). Canon also offers additional specialized Picture Styles by download into camera.

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