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Some older flashunits may not have a hot shoe onthe flash unit and would need cable connection tofire timely. It is a threaded collar surrounding the center electrical part of thesocket. Some flash cords have a connector that makes electrical contact with thecenter part of the socket and is held securely in place by a threaded ring whichscrews into the outer part of the socket on the camera body. It is another alternativeway to sync the electronic flash on the camera. Some of the modern autofocus camerashave omiited this feature on the body. It can also be usedto activate another flash unit via sync cord in a multiple flash setup. PCsockets and common PC cords fit together by pushing the connector on the cord intothe socket on the camera. It remains connected only because of friction.
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, whence the name, PC cord. Sync and synch are both intended to beabbreviations of the word synchronization.

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