EN: Painting with light


hting technique whereby the photographer paints light onto the subject, usually using a constant light source such as a flashlight. You can also paint with light using flashes, including Nikon Speedlights. When painting with light, the shutter is kept open during a time exposure as the light incrementally is added to the subject.
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Painting with light

Occurs when the photographer incrementally lights an otherwise darkened scene using a handheld flashlight or other small light source while the shutter remains open during a time exposure. The light is added to the scene in the manner of an artist using a paintbrush of light .

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A work of art made from paint applied to canvas, wood, paper, or another support (noun).

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Process of applying paint. Also: object produced by applying paint to a flat support, e.g. a wall or canvas. For history and famous painters, see Fine Art Painting.

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Painting with light (film)

A phrase implying that the fine art of film needs Fine Art to refine it.

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Painting with light (stills)

The use of light hose systems to caress the scene selectively. Also, swinging any constant-source light (or swinging a Flash while firing it frequently) to illuminate vast dark areas economically. Tips: Use time exposure and a steady tripod; dress in black, keep light and cables moving; block all daylight and pray. Burr Lee suggests: Using Figure 8 and vertical movements of the light with 2/3 of the light coming from one side of the camera and 1/3 coming from the other side; always using the same Stop; and never wearing white shoes ? unless you like to retouch. [LN] Another secret: lots of practice.

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