EN: Overshoot

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The amount to which a round or pointed letter extends beyond comparable letters with flat tops or bottoms. This optical correction prevents those letters from appearing smaller.
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In order for the curved shape of the O to appear to be the same height as the flat top of the I it tends to overshoot the cap-height (or x-height), or undershoot the baseline by about 3% of the cap-height (or x-height). For a triangular shape (such as A ) the overshoot is even greater, perhaps 5%. These guidelines are based on the way the eye works and the optical illusions it generates and are taken from Peter Karow s Digital Formats for Typefaces, p. 26). The overshoot is also dependant on the point-size of a font, the larger the point-size the smaller the overshoot should be. Generally modern fonts will be used at multiple point-sizes, but in some font families there are multiple faces for the different point-sizes, and in such a case the overshoot will probably vary from face to face. See also X-height, Cap-height, Ascender, Descender, Baseline.

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