RO: Oled (organic light-emitting d EN: Oled (organic light emitting d


Element semiconductor emitator de lumina, realizat din componente organice, mai ieftine decat LED, dar cu o emisie de lumina mai redusa si cu timp mediu de viata mai scurt. Este folosit pentru ecranele LCD ale unor camere foto digitale.




Short for Organic Light Emitting Diode, direct-view imaging system made of organic film sandwiched between transparent electrodes, self-illuminating, energy-efficient.

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Oled (organic light emitting d

An advanced form of LED that does not require backlighting, the OLED displays denser blacks and higher contrast compared to standard LCDs, and can be manufactured with thinner profiles than standard LCDs. OLED displays have small red, green, and blue LEDs—as opposed to LCD screens, which have red, green, and blue color filters over a backlight that twist shut to block light.

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