2:3 pulldown

EN: 2:3 pulldown


For converting 24 frame per second film or 24P video into 59.94 interlaced video. The frame rate is slowed from 24 fps to 23.976 fps (a factor of 1000/1001) and a 3:2 field cadence is created. This is done by taking one frame of the 24 frame source and filling three of the 59.94 fields, with the next frame of the 24 frame source filling only two of the 59.94 fields, the next frame three fields, the next two fields, and so on. This results in four of the 24 frame per second original material fitting into five frames of the destination 59.94i video. Pulldown now describes any combination of 1000/1001 speed change and/or 3:2 cadence creation. The term pulldown originates with the mechanical action of the pulldown gate in a telecine pulling each film frame into the imaging area.
Canon USA