Nose grease

EN: Nose room


When a subject is in profile, nose room is the space between their face and the edge of the frame, similar to Head Room. In a profile shot, nose room is considered good when a little extra room in front of the person’s face, rather than behind their head. The general rule is that the space around the subject should be apportioned to 2/3rds in front of the subject’s head, and 1/3rd behind.
The Pollio Folio - Glossary of Cinematography Terms



Nose grease

Just what it sounds like. Used in the old trick among camerapersons to lubricate the pressure plate by wiping it along the side of the nose.

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Nose lighting, nose shadow

Where you want, or don t want, the nose shadow largely determines where you put your Key Light. Tip: off the lips, when possible.

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