Moving image media

EN: Moving subjects (video/film)


Lighting moving subjects is one of the most challenging aspects of the craft, especially for still photographers Breaking the Motion Barrier. Tips: If you can rehearse the action, do it before you light, and note where people pause. Don t attempt to light large areas totally evenly since movement is enhanced by light Intensity changes. (Eric Somers points out that absolutely even illumination is the sin of Televangelist shows; perhaps they will see the light.) It may be necessary to use several Key Lights, one for each area. If movements are not predictable, set the lights far away and high, with half scrims or Graduated Scrims on the bottom to prevent subjects Burning-up as they approach lights.
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Moving image media

The convenient, if not yet familiar, term that includes both film and video.

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Moving lights (video/film)

Effective when justified by the action, baffling most other times. Exceptions: diffused sources moving with the talent and camera, outdoors, or where background shadows are not a problem. Or when used symbolically.

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