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When performing AutomaticBalanced Fill-Flash with TTL Multi Sensor, the Speedlight fires a series of scarcelyvisible pre-flashes to enable the camera s computer to pre-analyze the scene. TheTTL Multi Sensor ins de the camera body reads the amount of reflected light, thenthe camera s microcomputer determines the area of the TTL sensor to be used for flashoutput control and adjusts the flash output level. The Monitor Pre-flashes are visiblebut not recognizable. First adopted by Contax RTS III, now Nikon is using this forits top flagship model, the F5.
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Monitor calibration

Changing a monitor s adjustment to accurately display colors.

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The computer screen which is available in several sizes from 14in up to 22in. The size is misleading as the measurement is taken across the diagonal and also includes a couple of inches that are hidden behind the plastic surround. .

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