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You can attach Wratten filter to the front of the lens to shift the colour. For example if you used a daylight film that s balanced or 5500k in tungsten lighting that s around 3400k you d need to add a filter with a Mirad value of -112.




A variation on Color Temperature measurements which is proportional throughout the two scales. Currently used mostly with filters. Conversion Formula: divide 1,000,000 by the Kelvin degrees. Also, mired is that feeling of walking into a dingy, cavernous No-Problem Location with one tiny light.

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Mired (micro-reciprocal degree

A measure of the colour of light whos values are found by taking one million and dividing it by the colour temperature in kelvins. A 5500k light source, for example, has a mired value of 182 (1,000,000/5500). When you know the mired values it s easier to calculate which filter is needed to balance one type of film with different lighting. .

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Mired color temperatures

Any given change in color temperature produces a greater difference in color at low color temperatures than it would at higher color temperatures. For example, a change of 1000K produces a much greater change in color at 3000K than at 6000K. .

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