Minimum aperture

EN: Minimum aperture

Fotografie digitala si IT

This is the smallest aperture that can be selected. A minimum aperture of f/22 is fine for most photography and the setting only really needs to be smaller to allow exposure at slow shutter speeds when using faster film in brighter conditions.



Minimum aperture:

The smallest opening a lens affords. Generally, wide angle lenses have a minimum aperture of f/22 normal lenses of f/16 and telephoto lenses of f/32.

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Minimum density (d-min)

Constant-density area in the tone of the characteristic curve where less exposure on negative film or more exposure on reversal film will produce no reduction in density. Sometimes called base plus fog in black-and-white film.

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Minimum distance

Closest projector can be to screen to focus image onto it.

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Minimum focus distance:

Distance from the camera sensor to the subject, which varies depending on lens being used. Slightly different than working distance, but often interchanged.

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Minimum scene illumination

Least amount of light particular camera needs to provide acceptable monitor picture. Data can be found on camera s data sheet.

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