Micro 4/3

RO: Micro four thirds EN: Micro lens


A lens for close-upphotography; designed to focus continuously from infinity down to a reproductionratio of 1: 2, or with a matched extension ring or teleconverter down to 1: 1; availablein normal or telephoto focal lengths to provide a variety of free working distances;with the exception of Nikon, this type of lens is called a Micro Nikkor lens. Also see above, Macro or Makro (Usually for German origin lenses)..
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Micro 4/3

– This is an implementation of the 4/3 sensor format (originally used in DSLRs) for mirrorless cameras.

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Micro drive

Developed by IBM, micro drives are one of the original types of digital memory cards for digital cameras. Essentially small hard drives, micro drives have given way to solid-state Compact Flash cards, which contain no moving parts and, as such, are far more reliable.

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Micro dry technology

Printing method developed by Irish manufacturer Alps that s similar to dye sublimation as it uses a heated element to fuse the ribbon ink to special paper for high resolution and longer life. .

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Micro four thirds

Standard de camere foto, lansat de Olympus si Panasonic, care foloseste un senzor de 4/3 inch (18 × 13,5 mm si diagonala de 22,5 mm), distanta flansa port-obiectiv - senzor 20 mm dar renunta la oglinda reflex din camera D-SLR. Vizarea se face live-view sau pe vizoare electronice instalate pe patina de blitz. Comunicarea intre obiectiv si camera se face prin 11 contacte (standard) si este posibila utilizarea unui obiectiv produs de un producator, pe corpul realizat de alt producator, iar, cu adaptoare, practic a oricarui obiectiv (inclusiv obiective Leica M). .

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Micro lens

For most purposes, a micro lens is another term for a macro lens. Both terms indicate extreme close-up capability; macro and micro lenses produce half life-size (1:2 reproduction ratio) to life-size (1:1 reproduction ratio) images.

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Micro lenses

Micro lenses are commonly mounted on the tops of the light-gathering portion of pixels (aka photons) and are often angled along the edges of camera sensors to capture and redirect light back into the pixel, as a method of reducing light falloff on the edges of the image and redirecting it for image processing. Not to be confused with NIKKOR micro lenses.

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Micro photography

Refers to taking close-ups in which the resulting image shows the subject ranging from life size (1:1) to 50 times (50:1) magnification.

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Micro sd

Micro SD is a media card format that is designed for use in cameras and other electronic devices. It is smaller than a traditional SD or Secure Digital media card. .

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Micro usm

Canon Lens Class and Technology Abbreviations - this autofocus motor is smaller and simpler than USM used in most Canon lenses. Like its big brother, it is fast and quiet when used in smaller lenses with lighter optical elements. There is a disadvantage, though Micro USM does not generally allow full-time manual focus override. There are exceptions. One notable lens to feature the simpler Micro USM motor rather than full-sized ring-type USM yet allow full-time manual focus tweaking is the Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM. Both USM and Micro USM motors are indicated as USM on the lens itself.

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Micro usm

The micro USM is an advanced motor developed as a multi-purpose miniature ultrasonic motor, and its features are as follows.

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