Maximum aperture

EN: Maximum aperture

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This is the widest aperture that can be selected on the camera and is an indication of the speed of the lens. On zoom lenses two figures are often given. One is for the lens at the wide-angle setting and the other is for the telephoto setting.



Maximum aperture:

The widest opening, or f-stop a lens affords. An f/1.4 lens is referred to as fast because it has a relatively wide maximum aperture an f/4.5 lens is slow because of its relatively narrow maximum aperture. Fast lenses come in handy for hand held low-light photography.

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Maximum aperture

The maximum diameter of the lens opening is referred to as its maximum aperture or minimum f-number. The minimum f-number is the smallest f-number that can be selected with the lens. The maximum aperture varies from lens to lens and is included in the lens model name.

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Maximum density (d-max)

Portion of the shoulder of the characteristic curve where further increases in exposure on negative film or decreases in exposure on reversal film will produce no increase in density.

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Maximum distance

While can refer to distance from screen projector can focus image, usually manufacturer s opinion of distance of projector from screen to cast bright enough image in a fully darkened room.

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Maximum image size

In darkened room, largest image projector can reasonably throw.

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Maximum resolution

Highest resolution display device can support. If greater than Native Resolution, image usually scaled to match/approximate projector s Native Resolution. Some devices allow pan and scan, view portions of higher resolution image using native resolution. Scaling reduces image resolution, can produce image artifacts more apparent in text.

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