RO: Magnification EN: Magnification ratio


Ratio that expressgreatest possible on film magnifying power of the lens. Used commonly on the macrosetting of the zoom lenses, macro lens or with bellows.
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Echivalent in limba engleza pentru grosisment (putere de marire a unui sistem optic). .

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Magnification (binoculars)

The magnification of a lens compared to the naked eye. A 10x magnification will make the distant subject appear 10x bigger than it is. A common mistake that many binoculars buyers make is to rush out and buy the most powerful they can find. While this sounds like a wise move it isn t. Powerful pairs are difficult to hold steady and the view is also dimmer. It s far more difficult to view a wobbly and dim object at 16x power than having an 8x power with a bright and steady view . .

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