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– A feature built into almost all digital cameras and video cameras that allows the user to preview the subject on an electronic screen or in an electronic viewfinder in real time before snapping a photo or starting to record video.
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Live area

A camera s viewfinder actually shows (and records on film stock) a greater area of the scene than will appear in the final product. Markings are etched in the viewfinder to indicate to the camera operator the extents of the viewable film (called the live area). An area beyond that (called the safe area) is also marked; it is in this area that the camera operator might direct the boom operator to place the boom microphone.

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Live frame grab

In the custom settings menu, you can choose the role played by pressing the shutter-release button when Movie Mode is selected with the live view selector. If the shutter-release button is pressed all the way down during movie recording, the camera will record a photograph without interrupting movie recording. Photos are 1,920 x 1,080 pixels in size (aspect ratio 16:9) and recorded at an image quality of JPEG fine (quality-priority). Note that during movie recording, photos are taken one at a time regardless of the release mode selected; this restriction does not apply if movie recording is not currently in progress).

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Live image control

Live image control lets you preview how changes to various controls will affect the final image. You can use Live image control to see the changes in Active D-Lighting, Background Softening, Motion Control and Brightness Control. .

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Live view

Camera capability allowing view through DSLR lens to be seen live on the camera s LCD monitor. Useful for composing images when camera is tripod-mounted, held high over a crowd or low to the ground. DSLRs with video capability use Live View when shooting movies.

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Live view

Live View Shooting Mode is almost exactly what it says: you re seeing what the camera s lens is seeing, but you re seeing it on the camera s LCD. We say almost because you re seeing a video replay of the scene a split-second after the camera s sensor and memory have captured it. Live View enables you to view and compose the shot without looking through the finder, and it s ideal for situations in which you want to, or need to, hold the camera at an unusual angle or away from your body. To capture video with a Nikon D-SLR, the camera must be in Live View Shooting Mode.

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Live view guide

The information display, within movie live view, will show a guide to the options available during movie live view.

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