EN: Linear polarizing filter


A filter which only passes light vibrating in a certain direction. Since the vibrational locus of the light allowed to pass through the filter is linear in nature, the filter is called a linear polarizing filter. This type of filter eliminates reflections from glass and water the same way as a circular polarizing filter, but it cannot be used effectively with most auto exposure and autofocus cameras as it will cause exposure errors in AE cameras equipped with TTL metering systems using half-mirrors, and will cause focusing errors in AF cameras incorporating AF rangefinding systems using half-mirrors.
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Artistic style that emphasizes lines and contours; hence linearity and linearism.

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Linear (editing)

A video editing process where footage can only be accessed or played in the order it was recorded on the tape. A slow process (especially when compared to digital editing) with limited flexibility.

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Linear editing

Uses a tape-to-tape method where the film is edited in the order in which it will be viewed.

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Linear pcm audio compression

Linear pulse-code modulation or LPCM is a method of encoding audio information digitally. It also refers to the formats that use this method of audio encoding. Pulse-code modulation or PCM, though more general, is often used to describe data that is encoded as LPCM.

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Linear array

The CCD used in flatbed scanners and high end cameras which has an array of several thousand RGB filtered elements arranged in a narrow row. The CCD covers the full width of the image and travels down the length of it, scanning one line at a time. .

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Linear perspective

The impression of depth given by converging parallel lines and changes of subject scale between foreground and background elements. .

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Linear perspective

Method of indicating spatial recession in a picture by placing objects in a series of receding planes; parallel lines receding from the onlooker s view-point will appear to meet at a vanishing point. Pioneers included Renaissance painters Masaccio and Andrea Mantegna.

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