EN: Ir focus setting

Fotografie digitala si IT

A small red marking to one side of the lens focus scale that you use to refocus a photograph when using infrared film.




Infra Red. This uses a beam of light that is invisible to us humans to either control a device without wires or as a method of transferring data from camera to computer (or printer) without cables. Some cameras also employ infrared in the auto focusing system.

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(InfraRed) A method of transferring data from camera to a computer using a beam of invisible light, requiring no cables.

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Ir (infra-red) remote

Transmits in the spectrum of infra-red light, must point at receiver (line of sight) or reflect IR to receiver, with typical range limited to total of 30 feet, including reflected distance. Most projectors have IR sensor in both front and rear, flat panels generally a single sensor in front.

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Ir cut filter

Cuts infrared lighting during day, providing true colors, removed at night draws in surrounding light sources, enhancing sensitivity for clear image. Auto control function, can be turned on/off/manually adjusted.

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Ir infrared.

Wavelengths of invisible light that are longer than about 720nm. .

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