Ip (internet protocol)

EN: Ip rating


IP Rating stands for Ingress Protection Rating. Number has two digits, optional letters following, e.g. IP66, IP68. First number defines protection against foreign objects, with 0 lowest rating, non-protected, and 6 highest, dust tight and protects against access with wire. Second number defines level of protection against water, with 0 non-protected, 8 higest, protected for continuous immersion in water.
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Ip (internet protocol)

Short for Internet Protocol, network data transmission method. Data is divided into individual, completely independent packets, each packet containing both sender s and receiver s address (every computer or host on Internet has unique address). IP ensures packets all arrive at receiver s address regardless of route taken. Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) places received packets in correct order.

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Ip address

Under IPv4, written as four groups of digits separated by periods (xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx), under IPv6, eight groups. Address on IP network. See IP.

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Ip camera (network camera)

Similar to webcam (camera digitizes images, compresses, sends over network) but more advanced. IP-enabled security cameras usually have embedded OS (operating system), offer browser interface so user can operate, view video remotely over Internet. Often feature FTP of images, web server capability, built-in motion detection.

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