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Created by digital scanning, a print-sized sheet of tiny positive images of every shot on a roll. Used for storage, indexing, and reprinting reference.
Glossary of Photo Jargon for Travelers



Index print

Thumbnail-size prints on a single sheet showing all photographs taken on a roll of film. Each tiny print is individually identified for printing.

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Refractive index is measure of speed of light in a substance, in a lens, refractive index of optical glass varies depending on wavelength of light (chromatic aberration). Also, provided in manuals, is a listing of topics with page numbers to show where topics are explained.

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Index of refraction

A numerical value indicating the degree of refraction of a medium, expressed by the formula n=sin i/sin r is a constant which is unrelated to the light ray s angle of incidence and indicates the refractive index of the refracting medium with respect to the medium from which the light impinges. For general optical glass, n usually indicates the index of refraction of the glass with respect to air.

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