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An intermediary style between oldstyle figures and lining figures, hybrid figures are somewhat smaller than the capital letters and have a consistent body size, yet some parts extend slightly upwards and downwards. Hybrid figures usually are tabular. When the different figure sets are built-in as OpenType features, certain (older) operating systems and applications will only be able to access the default figures, most often the tabular lining figures. See Figuring Out Numerals – The Sequel on The FontFeed.
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Hybrid af

Sistem dual de focalizare, ce include un detector al contrastului si faza si un detector al contrastului pe senzor, folosit de Sony pentru camerele lor cu oglinda semitransparenta. Senzorul al contrastului de faza detecteaza foarte rapid planul de focalizare, iar senzorul de detectie al contrastului pe senzor face microajustari de precizie. .

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Hybrid vr

A combination of Lens Shift and Electronic Vibration Reduction for image stabilization. Found in Nikon COOLPIX cameras. First, camera shake is corrected with the Lens Shift VR. If further image correction is required, the camera automatically takes two shots, one with a small amount of blurring taken at a faster than normal shutter speed, and another with a large amount of blurring taken at the normal shutter speed (the image with camera shake). It then aligns the two images to detect how much each pixel has moved. An appropriate amount of blurring, noise and chroma is extracted from each image, and a stabilized image is produced by processing the images while altering the synthesis ratio of both images. This method is most effective with large amounts of blurring. Some Nikon COOLPIX cameras use image processing to correct blurring without taking two shots.

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