EN: Hard light


harsh or undiffused light such as produced by bright sunlight, a small speedlight, or an on-camera flash. It produces harsh shadows with well defined edges (edge transfer), contrast, and texture (if used at an angle to the subject). Emphasizes texture, lines and wrinkles, and used to create a more dramatic type of portrait (character study).
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Hard copy

Generally refers to a printed copy of material that is electronically stored, such as on a computer. A photographic print of an image appearing on the internet is, for example, a hard copy.

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Hard neg

A high contrast negative. A low contrast negative is called a Soft Neg.

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(1) As applied to a photographic emulsion or developer, having a high contrast. (2) As applied to the lighting of a set, specular or harsh, giving sharp dense shadows and glaring highlight.

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An image with high contrast and harsh tones. .

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Hard disk drives

A magnetic oxide-coated platter (disk) or stack of platters inside a sealed case. Data can be stored on both sides of the platter, with a read/write head for each recording surface. There are only two moving parts: the head and the disk, the latter spinning at speeds from 4200 to 10,000 rpm, depending on the model, with 5400 to 7200 rpm models common. While they can be written to and read millions of times, drive failure does occur eventually.

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Hard light

A relatively small, direct, usually focusable source, with or without lens, that produces strong High-lights and dark shadows. The quality is more dramatic and controllable, but generally less flattering, than Soft Light. Tip: Cheapest hard source with least Fall-off: the sun. See: Spot Light.

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Hard disk

The part of the computer that stores all the programs and files. Additional hard drives can be added to increase storage space. .

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Hard light:

Light that creates strong contrast and heavy shadows in the subject, usually from a direct source such as the sun or a lightbulb.

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