EN: Color gamut

Totalitatea nuanțelor ce pot fi reproduse într-un anumit spațiu de culoare sau folosind un anumit proces.


A color gamut in photography and image-editing is (1) the definitive, complete range of colors which can be accurately represented in a particular situation, such as within a certain color space, or (2) the complete range of colors in an image.

Photo Tips

This is the range of colours that are available in an image or output process. Gamut is generally used in describing the capabilities of a printer to reproduce colours accurately and vibrantly.


Numarul total de nuante de culori ce poate fi reprodus de un dispozitiv (camera foto digitala, imprimanta, etc).

Foto Magazine

The range of colors that can be reproduced by a device. Think of it as a box, anything inside the walls of the box can be reproduced, while anything outside the walls cannot be (illegal), even though another box may be able to reproduce the illegal color.

Canon glossary

The range of colours that will appear on a monitor or can be printed.


A description of the extent of a colour palette used for the creation, display or output of a digital image.