EN: Fluorescent phobia


The paralyzing dread (sometimes justifiable) of using fluorescent ceiling fixtures to shoot with.
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The illumination produced from a gas-discharge lamp or tube is called fluorescent light. Electricity to the lamp stimulates the mercury vapor within the lamp creating the emission of electromagnetic radiation which produces the fluorescence. This type of lighting is typically found in office buildings, warehouses and industrial settings. The light produced is “green” or a cooler-than-daylight light balance. Setting a camera’s white balance to Fluorescent will correct for the green cast.In terms of color temperature, fluorescent light generally falls between 4000 and 5000 degrees Kelvin.Color Temperature Light Source 1000-2000 K Candlelight2500-3500 K Tungsten Bulb (household variety)3000-4000 K Sunrise/Sunset (clear sky)4000-5000 K Fluorescent Lamps5000-5500 K Electronic Flash5000-6500 K Daylight with Clear Sky (sun overhead)6500-8000 K Moderately Overcast Sky9000-10000 K Shade or Heavily Overcast Sky.

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Fluorescent filters

Filters designed to compensate for weak red and excessive green wavelengths in typical fluorescent light sources. FLD and FLB filters can tame some of the more commonly used tube types. Tip: For the new pro, tests are advisable.

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