EN: Flicker reduction


When shooting in the movie mode, the Flicker Reduction option, offered on select Nikon cameras, allows you to compensate for the flicker that may be seen on the display or final movies when shooting under Florescent, Mercury Vapor or Sodium lamps; or if the camera is panned horizontally; or an object moves at high speed through the frame.
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Most consumer 3D TVs use some form of active shutter glasses to flicker left and right images on and off at 120Hz. When viewer perceives opening and closing of shutter, more common in 3D TVs with lower refresh rates, flicker is visible.

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Flicker (intentional)

The attempt to suggest sources such as fire. It is easy to overdo the effect and undermine the reality. One reality: TV sets don t flicker.

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Flicker (unintentional)

The disastrous effects of a Discharge Lamp that is out of Sync with a film camera - among other causes.

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