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Photographs that are made by a photographer as art work and usually intended to be offered for sale. For more explanation, see: Is Photography Art? and also What is the Meaning of Art?
Visual art cork




Short for Full-Photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering, ink ejection mechanism and print head manufacturing technology.

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Fine dual print head

See FINE. Canon s ImagePROGRAF printers use a dual print head design, and each print head has 15,360 nozzles, yielding more than 30,000 outlets.

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Fine grain developers

Film developers that minimize grain in the final image.

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Fine grain:

Usually found in slow speed films, a fine-grained image is one where the medium of light capture and storage, the silver halide grain, is virtually invisible in the print or slide. With high, or coarse grain films (usually very high speed films) the texture of the grain becomes part of the physical reality, or weave of the image.

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Fine cut

The final assembling of all the various audial and visual components of a film.

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Fine grain

Emulsion in which silver particles are very small.

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Fine art

Art whose value is considered to be aesthetic rather than functional, i.e. architecture, sculpture, painting and drawing, and the graphic arts. Compare applied art and decorative art.

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